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No person goes through life without experiencing struggle. In this vale of tears, we all experience moments of grief, of temptation, of weakness, and of strength. If there’s one thing for certain, though, it’s that talking to someone who understands can help a lot. While many people living in Orland Park seek out counseling for their problems, not all therapists recognize the unique struggles that Christians living in today’s society can face.

That’s why the service that Christian Counseling offers is so vital. Kari Kelley listens wholeheartedly and empathetically and provides solutions to life’s woes rooted in her patients’ shared Christian faith. There’s no reason to choose between your morals and finding strength in yourself and in God’s purpose for you.

Christian Marriage Counseling

The average Christian union between husband and wife faces more stress and strain today than ever before. Between the normalization of adultery as seen in the media and the temptations that smartphones and social media bring to our lives, it’s no wonder that more and more men and women are feeling alone and isolated.

The speed of modern life makes people feel alienated. Luckily, there’s a solution: listening to the wisdom of God and his teachings.

It’s perfectly ordinary to lose confidence in yourself and in your marriage at times. But you should never lose faith. Doubt is part of the human experience. But by recommitting to the sacred union you formed with your husband or wife, you can overcome any obstacle together.

Christian Counseling by Kari Kelley is well-prepared to help couples struggling with the following issues:

Biblical Counseling

Just as we turn to scripture in times of joy, it’s best to turn to scripture in times of need, as well. Anxiety and depression are very real disorders, but they are the secular version of what we would call ‘a spiritual crisis’. Is it possible to feel joy in life without connection to God? Many would have you believe that it’s possible, and yet rates of depression are higher now in the United States than they have been at any other point in history.

To overcome a spiritual affliction, your counselor at Christian Counseling will use certified counseling techniques combined with a knowing application of relevant passages from the Bible. Biblical counseling can give you a new approach to your life. Isn’t it time for you to be living according to God’s plan for you?

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If you don’t feel comfortable sharing your issues with your pastor or faith leader, Christian Counseling offers a discreet alternative that is still rooted in the traditions of the Christian faith. Kari Kelley provides a sympathetic and understanding ear and reminds her patients to look to Christ for guidance in times of stress.

The world as part of God’s creation is full of wonder, and that includes you as an individual, no matter what you’re going through. Have faith in His love for all of us and call us today!

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