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Eye Movement and Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a powerful psychotherapeutic technique initially developed by Dr. Francine Shapiro in the late 1980's to treat post-traumatic stress disorder ( Now it has progressed to being used worldwide to help patients heal from a wide range of troubling psychological conditions and problems. EMDR is used at Christian Counseling as an adjunct to psychotherapeutic treatment to assist in the resolution of many life disabling problems, emotions and thought patterns.

What Problems are Helped with EMDR?

EMDR is the most researched form of psychotherapy to date regarding post-traumatic stress disorder and it's results have been clinically proven to be effective and long lasting, even life changing. EMDR has been successfully used to help patients from emotional wounds and cognitive distortion to include:


How Does EMDR Work?

Human beings have the capacity to resolve stressful events and physical aliments. During Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep, this is the only time in which the brain uses both sides of the brain working together adding double brainpower to the body's needs. "During deep REM sleep, usually between 10:00 pm to 2:00 am, the brain releases stress and every seven years the body produces new cells for healing and longer life." Dr. Shapiro discovered that we could use this deeper brainpower getting both sides of the brain working together when we are awake with bilateral eye movements or bilateral tapping. The Japanese have used it to increase the speed of reading for high school students and others to 1,000 and even 2,000 words per minute, which has also proven to increase the speed of learning, proven with clinical studies.

"Regarding our memories, in most instances the brain reprocesses painful memories without being unduly stressed. However, there are situations in early childhood and throughout life where the brain becomes overwhelmed and normal processing of problem resolution is not accomplished and is either a constant painful memory or repressed and stored in our long term memory storage area, locked in the central nervous system pouring toxins into the body causing 87% to 92% of all mental and physical illness and disease."

- Kari Kelley

Technology has improved to the point where we can now take pictures of the brain that show the unresolved negative emotions and cognition that grow like tress over time becoming more and more destructive to the mind and body. EMDR helps to release these deeply rooted painful negative emotions and cognition. (For clinical studies refer to research done by Dr. Caroline Leaf and her book: "Who Switched Off My Brain" -


"EMDR helps to unlock painful memories, emotions and thoughts. Reprocess helps to release and resolve disturbing neurotoxicity, which allows for normal resumption of emotions and thoughts related to that painful memory. For example, it has been my experience that EMDR helps to "jump start" the healing process and restores emotional and mental balance to the mind and body. In the last twenty years, I have used EMDR for a wide range of emotional concerns and have seen patients release the very painful emotions and thoughts and reprocess the event so that it is no longer a disturbing memory, event and/or trauma."

- Kari Kelley

"You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free." John 8:32

EMDR is carefully introduced into the therapeutic environment when a point of comfort and ease has been reached to help ensure for the most powerful healing affect. As stated, EMDR is a very powerful psychotherapeutic technique used to more quickly and effectively heal emotional pain, emotional blocks and cognitive limitations caused by various types of traumatic experiences in life. EMDR has been used successfully with patients experiencing PTSD, depression and anxiety, marital conflict and affairs, anger management, grief, loss, sexual abuse and a variety of psychological concerns.

The respected American Psychological Association, American Psychiatric Association and the Veteran's Administration, approved by almost all insurance companies, are treating patients with EMDR.

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